Manifest everything you want in your life with one of our Manifestation Sprays. Each spray has been made with a particular goal in mind and contains Crystals that sit in the spray and infuse it with the vibes you need for each particular goal.


Love Potion - Rose Quartz

Whether it is love for your family, friends, a new partner or self-love you seek, this is the spray for you!


Use our Rose Quartz Crystal scented spray, which has been adorned with 5 Rose Quartz crystals to balance emotional health, release emotional blockages and feel love within yourself. Once you have found your own self love this loving energy is what others will see and feel around you.


The powers of this crystal include teaching love and forgiveness and is helpful to people dealing with the loss of a loved one due to its ability to promote self-love and acceptance.


When calling love into your life this spray is a must!


Stress Relief - Amethyst

The stone of February, this beautiful stone with its stunning lilac colour will act as a natural tranquiliser.


Use this spray, filled with Amethyst crystals to help manage fears and anger, reduce anxiety and stress, and promote a feeling of true calmness.


This beautiful stone is also thought to have wonderful positive effects on creativity and imagination, thus empowering you to embrace new ideas and put your thoughts into action.


Many people use Amethyst for work related stress and meditation.


Lucky Day - Jade

Need some good luck? Then this is the spray for you!


Laced with Green Jade crystals, this spray will bring you luck, courage and ample joy.


Jade also has physical healing properties. It is a powerful cleansing stone meaning that it can go straight to work cleansing toxins from your organs, and is known to help the kidneys, the bladder, the spleen, and to balance out fluid systems in the body and fight infection.


This stone will not demand from you and will instead give you all the love and courage you need to raise your own vibrations, tap into your dreams and welcome all the wonderful things that you want to come to you.


Happy Days - Citrine

Need some bright and sunny happiness in your life? This is the spray for you.


With its stunning bright and happy yellow colour, the Citrine stone is named the sunshine stone and is sure to bring you happiness, good energy, and joy.


This spray makes a good gift for people who suffer from chronic fatigue or anyone who is feeling drained and running on empty. Give this a spray and say goodbye to sluggish feelings.


Citrine also helps to keep the thyroid working well, stimulate a healthy digestive system, better blood circulation, and keeps allergies and all kinds of skin irritations on the down-low. Those who suffer from menstrual pain and a cycle that seems out of whack will also love the healing vibes of Citrine and it can also be used as a remedy against nausea too.

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