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Wax Melt Pots

Main Product

These are our main product and the product that most of our scents are available in.

They come in a 2oz pot and contain between 50 to 60g of wax. These are designed to be cut into chunks of 4 and therefore you are able to get 4 reasonable sized melts from one pot.

Limited edition pots are available that change seasonally such as a Valentines collection, Easter, Christmas etc.

Oil/Wax Burners

We offer a wide range of burners to accompany your wax melts, both candle and electric.

These are available in a variety of styles and price ranges and details will be listed individually on each product. These can be found under "Burners" on the drop down list under "Shop".

Again, if you have any requests then please contact us.

Custom Wax Items

Custom Items at Request

We are always willing to source products to make scents that we do not have currently available and a lot of our permanent scents have originated from requests.

We also do custom wax pies, wedding favours, baby shower gifts, hen do gifts etc, the list and possibilities are endless.

Please just pop us a message with your ideas no matter how impossible you may think they are.

Bars / Brittles / Chunks / Clamshells

Limited Edition

These are a range of bags containing wax brittle, wax chunks, and snap bars. They are usually one off scents and allow me to get creative with current seasons scents and designs.

There are also clamshell collections containing a variety of scents from one range for those that like to sample a number of scents.

unicorn pop brittle.jpg

Reed Diffusers

We currently offer reed diffusers in a variety of scents The scents available are listed in the drop down when adding to the basket. 

Should you wish to have a scent that isn't available, please message us a request and we will discuss this with you and advise on the scent throw.

Our diffusers have been a popular choice and this range will be expanding very soon.

Floor Freshener

These are a range of bags containing floor fragrance. They are designed to assist with refreshing your carpets when doing your cleaning.

Available in our full range of scents, please contact us if the scent that you require is not available and we will make sure that it is!