A Bit About Us

As somebody who has a real passion for cleaning and a lovely smelling home, I was constantly buying new scents. I tried candles for years and then came across wax melts. I found these to last a lot longer and be a lot stronger than any candle that I had tried. 

I have sampled hundreds of melts and found that nothing was quite what I wanted.

I then decided to take what I liked and put it together to make my own wax melts for my personal use. 

After I decided to do this, I had a number of friends encouraging me to sell them. For a long while I was too anxious to do so, until in 2018 I finally decided to go ahead and sell them. 

From there I made lots of sales and had people telling me how amazing my melts were, and continuing to come back for more. Very quickly word spread and more and more people are now buying my melts.

Every melt is made with love, and a touch of glam as anyone who knows me knows that I am a girly girl.

Making these wax melts is my true passion and every single one is made with love and a lot of time, effort and detail goes into every aspect of them from the scent, the design, the packaging and the delivery.

I look forward to hopefully many years doing what I love any making the homes of many more smell fantastic!!

Lots of love to my Wax Workers near and far xxxxxxxx